With roots going back to the 1960s, LearningWorks provides learning opportunities and helps increase stability in the lives of at-risk youth, the immigrant community, and low-income families across southern Maine. Many people find LearningWorks when they realize a life without being able to read, a life in Maine without the ability to speak English, a life without a high school diploma, or a life of constant struggle in school is intolerable.

The English Language Program, for example, provides new immigrants and refugees with the education to be independent in a new country, including courses in English, citizenship, and cultural literacy. LearningWorks’ partnership with Literacy Volunteers of Great Portland provides even more opportunities for English learning skills as well as one-on-one basic literacy instruction for adults.

Living in poverty and frequently in constant transition, LearningWorks students are typically faced with hurdles most people can’t imagine. Back on Track is a curriculum-based group therapy for young people who are at risk for aggression, substance abuse, and other risky behaviors by helping them make changes toward more responsible choices.

To help meet the needs for affordable housing—providing stability for people too familiar with relocating on a regular basis—LearningWorks’ provides 50 units of affordable housing throughout Portland, creating stability for over 250 families in the past seven years.

LearningWorks’ Youth Building Alternatives also helps young people who have dropped out of high school or are on probation learn construction skills as they help build more affordable housing for our community while also completing an accredited GED preparation program. In the spring of 2012, grantwinners.net joined with LearningWorks in their effort to raise funds to expand their services for at-risk young people. To learn more about LearningWorks and their innovative and effective programs visit learningworks.me/.