Somali Bantu Community Mutual Assistance Association of Lewiston/Auburn

The Somali Bantu Community Mutual Assistance Association of Lewiston/Auburn works to cover the basic needs of their commnity. Their goal is to create a united community through delivering social service supports for adults and children.

The Somali Bantu people have a powerful history and, in particular, their journey to the Lewiston/Auburn area has been a complicated one. The explanation of “Who are the Somali Bantu” is best answered on their website, here: The Somali Bantu are a minority ethnic group in Somalia, living at a subsistence level with limited access to modern technologies. The transition to life in the United States has been difficult, but inspiring.

Volunteers of the SBCMALA provide support such as interpretation services, empowerment programs for women, one-on-one counseling for families, and assistance with the immigration process. They are reaching people who otherwise might fall through the cracks of the governmental and non-profit social services support systems.

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