5. You are saying we can do it without hiring you. How does your business survive?

Someone once described our business model as “generous.” Perhaps it is. However, we are passionate about helping nonprofits find the funds they need to do their good work. Of course, we need to make a living. We have found it rewarding and profitable to work with our clients together, building a stronger foundation for their grants program. Our belief is that you “shouldn’t hire a grant writer, you should be a grant winner” is sincere.

That said, at grantwinners.net we have access to resources not immediately available to everyone. We also know intuitively what organizations need to do before they begin the research process. Our experience sheds light on an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Our research skills, perhaps more than most areas of winning grants, are outstanding. We research quickly, and well. We also have a professional subscription to the Foundation Center Directory online. These databases are also available to you at the Maine Philanthropy Center. Because we have so many years of experience navigating guidelines for foundations, we are able to skim information to retrieve the most relevant information quickly.

In other words, you can do it. However, if it’s appropriate, we can help. In most cases, we work with staff or volunteers to learn the grants ropes. In many cases, however, the shortage of staff or enthusiastic and talented board members means the grants work slides down the list of priorities. We are available in those cases to provide everything you need to build and manage a successful grants program.