2. What do you charge?

In general, we charge $85/hour. However, it may work best for you to hire us for one distinct project. In this case, rather than an hourly rate, a project fee may be most appropriate.

Your readiness for the grants process and the wide range of tasks associated with winning grants mean there is no simple answer for what fees might be involved.

We don’t charge for our initial conversations with you. During those first brief exchanges, via e-mail, phone, or in person, we will assess your needs and discuss some options for our possible work together. Typically, after those first conversations, we will prepare in writing some thoughts about how we might work together, including fees for the various options.

We also accept Hour Exchange Portland’s time credits or “time dollars,” for one client about every few months. Please feel free to request our services via HEP’s site (member: Heather Denkmire), if you are a member there.