7. How are you involved with Hour Exchange Portland?

Hour Exchange Portland (“HEP”) empowers individuals, organizations and businesses to help each other meet their needs—cash free—in exchanges of services. Similar to bartering, the beauty of HEP is every hour of work done, whether it is house cleaning, accounting services, or boat repair, is worth one hour. If you do something for someone, you “bank” one hour. You can spend that hour paying anyone else in HEP. There’s no need to find a perfect match as there is in bartering.

Heather Denkmire, our principal, has maintained a membership in HEP for many years. She has used time dollars to get much needed help (furniture repair, housecleaning, etc.), meet members of her community, and provide services to other HEP members. Through Heather’s membership, grantwinners.net also does work for “time dollars,” or HEP credits.

Fortunately, grantwinners.net is growing—we are very busy. This is a good thing, however, it means we must limit the number of hours we commit to working for time dollars each month.

We take on a new HEP client for a short period of time, usually for about two months. In our initial discussions (all “billed” through HEP), we assess your needs as we would with any new client. We can provide general consulting services to help strengthen your grants program or we can do research, proposal preparation, editing, or any other services we identify as most useful for you