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The Team

The team is a group of focused and talented professionals with the combined expertise to shepherd your grants program to success. They work with you to develop the most compelling stories to command grant-makers' attention and response. Grant winning is about more than successful programs; it is about sharing your passion for these programs. We help you develop and share the captivating stories of those you serve.

Lyndsy Denk, writer/editor

Lyndsy Denk

Lyndsy is a sales and customer-facing curriculum developer for a large, Maine-based marketing organization. She has experience in technical writing, graphic design, college-level instruction, and public speaking. A liberal arts geek, her talents and skills have supported veterinary diagnostics and renewable energy.

In addition to her work as a designer and tech writer, she coaches high school competitive speech and debate. As secretary of the Maine Forensic Association she helps oversee high school and middle school public speaking tournaments. As a grant writer, Lyndsy has helped raise over $25 million, mostly for R&D.

Lyndsy holds an MA in English and BA in New Media from the University of Maine.