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The Team

The team is a group of focused and talented professionals with the combined expertise to shepherd your grants program to success. They work with you to develop the most compelling stories to command grant-makers' attention and response. Grant winning is about more than successful programs; it is about sharing your passion for these programs. We help you develop and share the captivating stories of those you serve.

Jennifer Caven, editor

Jennifer Caven Jennifer Caven graduated from Syracuse University with a joint degree in Journalism and English literature but promptly got swept up in the fledgling Information Technology industry. She ran her own consulting firm for twenty years, specializing in systems design and technical writing.

For the past nine years, Jennifer has applied her journalism training to editing, proofreading, research, and grant work. She is experienced in reviewing and fine-tuning proposals, year-end statements, legal and medical documents, and federal reports. Jennifer lives and works in South Freeport with her three feline assistants.