Working Together Resources for Winning Grants

Grant winning is much more than locating sources of funds. The winning comes after very thorough program planning, research, and strategic efforts to identify strong funding partners. We've gathered our favorite resources that can help you achieve your program or organization's funding goals.

research tools

Finding funders is a time-consuming process and to help you, there are several online directories that allow you to comb through their databases for a fee.  We have listed some below.  

We suggest that you begin by watching this webinar. It’s 38 minutes well-spent. It is sponsored by Foundation Directory Online, so it will help guide you through their website, but more importantly, it will also help give you general tips on how to begin your research.

If you want to look at Foundation Directory Online for free, the closest place in the Portland area is the Maine Philanthropy Center. Located in the Glickman Building of USM in Portland, the full database is available as well as on site staff to help you negotiate the system.

Maine Philanthropy Center has an extensive online directory available to members. Information is available here.

Foundation Center is one of the best sources of information on foundations and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and globally. In addition to its Web presence, it maintains collections and has specialists in physical libraries around the country. Some of the information and services require a subscription. They also offer classes online and offline that are well worth the sometimes nominal fees.

GuideStar is a national database of U.S. charitable organizations, GuideStar gathers and distributes data on more than 850,000 IRS-recognized nonprofits.

The Puget Sound Grantwriters Association offers a free and comprehensive collection of links to research resources, including email newsletters and guidance specific to corporate, government, or international grants.