diy grant winning

The key to winning grants is recognizing that you are seeking partnerships with funders. You are not begging, or trying to smooth-talk your way into receiving money. Foundations have their own goals and objectives. You want to help foundations meet their missions. You want to find foundations whose missions can be met by the work you are doing in your organization.

Start with Andy Robinson’s Grassroots Grants: An Activist’s Guide to Grantseeking. Honesty, clarity, and a solid investment of time are essential for a strong grants program. Be clear about what you want to do, so you can find someone (a grant maker) to do it with you.

Other helpful documents for your grant seeking:

  • How to establish a grants plan (download pdf)
  • Organization and program readiness: Pre-grant questions (download pdf)
  • Researching potential funding partners: Foundation Center trainings on site and online. Information about Maine-specific training programs are here and here.
  • Letter of Intent/Inquiry Preparation: LOI questions (download pdf)
  • Proposal preparation: Proposal preparation timeline worksheet (download pdf)