Our Clients

The work we do is most rewarding because of the work done by our clients. They strengthen communities through health care, literacy services, historic preservation, health and wellness, life skills, technology education, childcare, animal welfare and the list goes on. The work they do is impressive.

Sacopee Rescue*

Sacopee Rescue

Sacopee Rescue is a non-profit organization of dedicated men and women who provide emergency services to their family, friends, and neighbors in the towns of Cornish, Hiram, Parsonsfield, and Porter Maine.  The average number of years that folks have been on the rescue is over 10 years.  

Working with Sacopee Rescue has been the start of our policy of accepting HEP time credits/time dollars (on a limited basis) for our services.

To learn more about Sacopee Rescue and their good work, visit their page on

*HEP client