Our Clients

The work we do is most rewarding because of the work done by our clients. They strengthen communities through health care, literacy services, historic preservation, health and wellness, life skills, technology education, childcare, animal welfare and the list goes on. The work they do is impressive.

Lutherans Restoring Creation

Lutherans Restoring Creation (“LRC”) is a program designed to encourage the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to incorporate care for creation into its full life and mission at all levels. LRC invites ELCA members to become partners in these efforts at the congregational, synodical, seminary, and national levels. The goal is to incorporate care for creation into the organizational patterns, worship life, educational programs, responsibility for buildings and grounds, lifestyle of members at home and work, and public ministry of all of these institutions, so that earthkeeping and justice for all earth community becomes integral to the identity and purpose of their church.

LRC is actively involved in developing ways to increase programs such as solar panels, recycling, energy conservation, gardening and other activities that demonstrate a faithful commitment to the care of creation.