Our Clients

The work we do is most rewarding because of the work done by our clients. They strengthen communities through health care, literacy services, historic preservation, health and wellness, life skills, technology education, childcare, animal welfare and the list goes on. The work they do is impressive.

Portland Wheelers

Portland Wheelers is a free program in the Greater Portland area and aims to open the world to people who, physically, can’t explore it well on their own. Wheelchair-bound or limited mobility folks get a bike ride on the local trail system via uniquely designed, electric-assist tricycles. They serve elderly people, children, war veterans, people who are blind, and others.

They are making it possible for those living with disability, debility, or dementia — young and old old alike — to get outdoors, enjoy the sun on their face, the wind in their hair, and connect with the larger community – all while having a whole lot of fun.