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grantwinners have been exceptional to work with! From tight timelines to following through with reporting on all the grants we received. I wouldn’t only recommend them I will continue to utilize their talents! Thank you grantwinners for all you have done to help Recovery Is Happening support the Southeastern Recovery Community, you ROCK!!! was instrumental in helping Bel Inizio prepare for a successful grant writing campaign. Their knowledge of the intricacies of developing a strategic plan, creating a sound grants calendar, and defining key proposal elements helped us grow significantly. Thank you, grantwinners!

Theresa M. Strong, Executive Director of Bel Inizio

We were grateful to have such a professional team help us with our grants in 2013! We hope to continue with for many years to come.

We have been using to augment and strengthen our overall grants program; we've seen the benefit of bringing in fresh eyes and new perspectives.

Heather and the team have managed and grown our grants program for almost ten years. In that time, we have developed strong relationships with foundations whose missions are supported by the work we do. The research, writing, and grants management provides for us has been instrumental in our organization’s success.

Heather Denkmire assisted us this year in obtaining a grant and coached us with regard to writing for grants ourselves. Her assistance was very profitable for PAWS as she was able to get a $5000 grant for us and we were able to get two grants, one for $2000 and another for $5000. Heather is not only knowledgeable and effective, she was a pleasure to work with. She was very fair with regard to her charges, sincere, accommodating and most helpful. We would recommend her highly to anyone needing assistance with grant writing.

The team worked with us to secure $1.6M in much needed matching funds, allowing us to bring the YouthBuild Program to Biddeford. I am happy to recommend to nonprofit organizations who want help winning grants.

Heather answers each question that is asked using the same ‘voice,’ this helps to let the organization providing the grant know that we understand their organization's purpose. She tailors our grant proposal to align with the organization's mission statement and overall purpose.

We are new to, but we are fans. Heather has been constructive, informative and creative in guiding us in the writing of our own grant application. Her counseling is surefooted, her touch is light, but persistent, and her personal interest in our success has been enthusiastic. All those traits make for a winning combination and they cause this customer to be well-satisfied.